Janitorial Services: In-house vs Contracting

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The issue of cleaning up any sort of professional facility or office means that janitorial services will be needed on a regular, if not daily basis. There’s no real way around such basics, simply because the appearance of that facility or office reflects directly on an organization and can also play a role when it comes to maintaining company morale.

That means that having the availability of such services boils down to two options: either having an in-house janitorial service handle the job or outsourcing it to a reliable company. For a number of reasons, the latter option can prove to be more beneficial to a business. The reasons include:


An in-house staff often works in conjunction with all other employees, which means that work will be conducted while numerous cleaning tasks are taking place. In addition, purchases of all the necessary cleaning products and equipmentover the course of a year has to be budgeted for, which can cut into a firm’s profit margin.

The idea of having an outside service handle this job means that flexibility as to when such cleaning is performed can be set up. That means that during off-hours, these crews can come in and take care of the necessary tasks. They can arrive long after workers have left or long before they’re scheduled to start another day.

Economic Savings

Having in-house janitorial services in place may allow for easy and quick cleanup if something happens during a workday. The problem for a company is that those individuals are part of a full-time staff of employees that receive time off for vacations, holidays and illnesses. In contrast, the outsourcing of such work removes such costs.

Also, an outsourced cleaning company that’s used has to do the job right or their customers will look elsewhere. That means that efficiency and productivity will be at the forefront of their work and their need to stay on the cutting edge of this competitive field will ensure that innovative new equipment and technology will be part of every cleaning.

Administrative Issues Avoided

Besides the simple cost of employing your own cleaning staff, a host of other concerns can crop up along the way, adding to the burden of your administrative staff. Issues pertaining to labor could conceivably develop, which can undercut the convenience of having in-house staff for these duties.

Throw in the fact that employees will come and go, usually at a rate that requires frequent training of new hires. That focus that should be on the task of cleaning is instead spent making sure that an employee simply does their job correctly. With an outsourced company handling such duties, that headache is removed from the list of obligations.

Going With the Pros

Advantage Facility Services provides professional cleaning services to the Dallas-Fort Worth market and has the experience and ability to handle regular jobs for places like office buildings, medical facilities, retail outlets, churches, schools and banks. As a member of the Green Building Council, we make every effort to be the most evironmentally-conscious cleaning company around.

Such attention to detail is standard operating procedure and helps make for a healthy working area for your company. So when it’s time to consider a cleaning company for your business, contact Advantage Facility Services at 817-478-2657 or simply fill out the online form.

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