5 Benefits of Green Cleaning

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janitorial company

janitorial company

In the midst of an office cleaning, a standard commercial cleaning firm might be inclined to use traditional products that have served them well in the past. While these will continue to do the job, it makes much more sense for that company to use green products in their work.

The reason for that philosophy is that there are so many benefits to draw from such usage. Listed below are five of them:

A Breath of Fresh Air

When a commercial cleaning company performs their job with traditional products, most people will know it. That’s because a pungent odor is usually present afterwards and can often permeate all facets of a business. In some cases, workers can end up with headaches from breathing in such compromised air.

Even worse, breathing in certain chemicals used in an office cleaning or any other type of tidying up could lead to the development of a debilitating condition like asthma. That doesn’t happen when Advantage Facility Services does the work, since we rely on green cleaning products in their work.

Avoiding Skin Absorption of Chemicals

Breathing in potentially toxic chemicals isn’t the only way that an employee or visitor to a business can develop serious issues involving their health. Many standard cleaning products have chemicals that an unsuspecting individual may end up absorbing into their body.

For examples, a person simply sitting at a desk can unwittingly be falling victim to toxicity concerns that could eventually attack major organs. In the case of women who are or could become pregnant, that could forever damage their reproductive system. Green products offer no such dangers.

Environmentally Friendly and Safe

Many cleaning companies consider themselves environmentally-conscious, yet continue to use products that perpetuate issues which plague the environment. The cleaning products we use aren’t bound by government regulation to list ingredients and that business rarely considers the potential ramifications of continued usage.

Green cleaning focuses on a more natural approach, using items that the average person knows a great deal about. It also avoids the prospect of a chemical spill taking place, which could easily lead to a fire under certain circumstances.

Avoiding the Myth of Antibacterial Agents

Companies will often champion the antibacterial qualities of their items. That sales pitch usually sounds good but the reality is more sobering. Using such products over a period of time can actually leave employees or visitors vulnerable to lowered immunity to illness.

A company using green products doesn’t have that worry, primarily because the natural products used rarely have antibacterial ingredients. In truth, research has shown that the addition of such components doesn’t clean any better than products without them.

Lower Costs

Since green cleaning focuses on using more natural products, the need to purchase items that mix costly chemicals together disappears. Instead of those often-caustic chemicals, inexpensive items like lemon juice or vinegar are substituted and end up delivering the same level of cleaning quality.

In a commercial business, the cumulative effect of using chemical-based cleaning products to handle a job can sometimes shorten the lifespan of equipment. For a company that needs to carefully watch its bottom line, such unnecessary costs can be avoided.

The Right Way to Go

Advantage Facility Services is available to handle any commercial cleaning job and also offers office cleaning services that ensure your company will avoid the pitfalls that come with standard cleaning products. Call us today at Advantage Facility Services so that you can enjoy the benefits of our green cleaning process.

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